LCT AK Spare Parts / Conversion Kits – TKMS To AKMS (& Tweaking Fun)

Lazy new word! It took almost eight weeks from ordering parts in HK to arriving at my doorstep (thanx to fuckin` customs and crazy DHL!)! Now I was happy to get my hands on the needed parts for converting my TKMS to an AKMS. I also ordered an extra stick type battery (crazy sale price!) and CYMA 45 mag that I was curious about, because I never had such a long magazine myself.

 photo AKMS_7.jpg

I was excited opening the parcel, because I was hoping to get a fantastic looking wood kit. When it comes to wood, there are so many shades within the different igneous crops, combined with endless possibilities processing and finishing it, that it could get annoying pretty easy. But it looked like this! πŸ™‚

 photo AKMS_8.jpg

Yeah, nice! I removed everything from the packaging and gave it a closer exam:

 photo AKMS_9.jpg

 photo AKMS_10.jpg

 photo AKMS_11.jpg

 photo AKMS_12.jpg

Everything looked fine and I was in the mood starting my conversion! (These rare moments are always a good reason to get a cold beer… 😎 !)

 photo AKMS_6.jpg

First I removed my TMKS furniture (grip and hand guard) without any hassle. The AKMS grip was no problem to install, but (in my opinion) is fairly boring, ordinary and almost cheap looking. Perhaps I should think about getting the incredible looking custom “fakelite” motor grip by Trigger Happy? πŸ˜‰

Then it was time to get the wooden hand guard parts in place. The upper part was no problem, too. The lower one was far too big and I had to file some material off.

 photo AKMS_5.jpg

After several runs of filing and checking, everything was fitting. At the end, I checked everything once again and spotted some play on the upper hand guard. The closing mechanism had a bit too much room – check the pic for a better idea!

 photo AKMS_2.jpg

I decided to fill the gap with some material: I tried some tape and pieces of plastic, but at the end I used some thin metal sheet:

 photo AKMS_3.jpg

Final result (before painting it black) – almost invisible and bombproof! That`s the way it should be!

 photo AKMS_1.jpg

It was very interesting to see that with the (virgin) lever mechanism opened and closed several times and the new wooden parts installed, such a great stability difference appeared out of nowhere. OK, the plastic hand guard and the wooden one are real different, but there could be a better quality control… (yes LCT, you can even do better!)

Finally everything was perfect (nice looking, no crackling, no play) and I was happy to get my AKMS ready to be fielded!
Check the pictures – LCT wood rocks! πŸ™‚

 photo AKMS_4.jpg

 photo AKMS_13.jpg

But one thing still to go: MadBull PBS-01! I will place an order immediately! πŸ™‚ Have a nice weekend, folks!


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